Berserk: Ougon Jidai-hen – Memorial Edition (Dub)

Berserk: Ougon Jidai-hen – Memorial Edition (Dub)

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Other name: Berserk: The Golden Age Arc – Memorial Edition, ベルセルク 黄金時代篇 MEMORIAL EDITION

Description: TV edit of the Berserk: The Golden Age Arc film trilogy.

He has believed only in his own sword. With no friends, no family, and no home to return to, Guts is a lonely swordsman who travels around as a mercenary in a land shaken by the Hundred Years War. Guts is able to handle a sword longer than he is tall and easily defeats powerful enemies. Griffith, the leader of the mercenary group ‘Band of the Hawk,’ has his eye on Guts. Griffith, who has a commanding power unimaginable from his beautiful appearance and great ambitions, wins Guts in a duel and brings him into the Band of the Hawk to fulfill his own dream.

As they go through numerous fierce battles together, their friends become bound by trust. The bond between Griffith and Guts, in particular, has become something special. Eventually, the Band of the Hawk rose to become the regular army of the Kingdom of Midland, but this was only the first step in Griffith’s quest to reach the top. Guts, on the other hand, is taken in by Griffith’s ‘dream’ and begins to question his life of just wielding a sword. But what Guts doesn’t know yet is the terrible fate that their endless dreams have bestowed upon them…

Original title Berserk: Ougon Jidai-hen - Memorial Edition (Dub)

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