Wellber no Monogatari: Sisters of Wellber Zwei

Wellber no Monogatari: Sisters of Wellber Zwei

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Other name: Wellber no Monogatari, Sisters of Wellber Second Season, Sisters of Wellber Dai ni Maku, Sisters of Wellber TV2, ウエルベールの物語 ~Sisters of Wellber~ 第二幕

Description: The loquacious sentient tank, Gyrano De Borgerac seems very busy being pampered by solicitous maids. The fairy Sherri, too, is enjoying the luxury of the court’s life. And for Rita, time has come to face her duties as princess of Wellber. But Tina is resolute: she wants to continue her search for the Man with a tattoo of Bee the Death, the devil who exterminated her family. An unspeakable feeling of sadness fills the hearts of the two girls, who shared so much and are now about to say farewell to each other.

And then, on the day of Tina’s departure…

A new journey that will take Tina walking through the still sore scars of the Great War that wiped out entire cities ten years before, until the unsuspected truth about her nemesis!

Original title Wellber no Monogatari: Sisters of Wellber Zwei

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