Pokemon : Sinnoh League Victors

Pokemon : Sinnoh League Victors

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13Season 13 Jun. 04, 2024




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Description: As Ash and his friends continue their journey to Sunyshore City, they are attacked by a wild Magnezone. As they reach a near-by town, they are informed
by Officer Jenny that Magnezone and wild Metagross has suddenly appeared and is wreaking havoc throughout the town. As Pikachu and Pachirisu lead the Steel-types to the mountains using their Electric attacks, the group meets up with Katsuzou, a mountain guard. Then Katsuzou informs them that Magnezone and Metagross normally battle with each other on a regular basis to release the magnetism that builds up in their bodies, due to the strong magnetic forces emitted from the mountains. Recently, their “battle arena” (a deep crater) has become filled with water. Ash, Dawn, Brock, Officer Jenny and Katsuzou have to find out why the crater is full of water, and a way to drain it, so Magnezone and Metagross can battle in peace away from the city.

Original title Pokemon : Sinnoh League Victors

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