She Xie Bu Hao Re: Qi Hou Ye Yao Rao

She Xie Bu Hao Re: Qi Hou Ye Yao Rao

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1Season 1 Jun. 15, 2024




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Other name: Empress’ Conquest

Description: Banished into the Cold Palace, robbed of her newborn daughter, stripped of her status… She wants to avenge her husband now that she’s lost everything. She is his Queen, but she is also the one person that he wants to get rid of the most. She’s his disgrace and he’s her grudge. She rises like a phoenix from the ashes, renounces herself from love and returns full of hatred. After a few battles she says with a smile: “Only one more step. Sadly, you’ve fallen in love with me!” After several showdowns he says in an angered tone: “Even in hell I want you to stay with me!”

Original title She Xie Bu Hao Re: Qi Hou Ye Yao Rao

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